Makeup for Formal: Why You Should Hire a Professional MUA

Throughout our lives, certain events stand out as special milestones, creating memories that will last a lifetime. For many teenagers, their school formal is one of these. How many opportunities do young people get to truly dress up and have a night dedicated to their youth?

School formals have been a tradition in Australia for many years and as seen as a “rite of passage” for students. The unique event is not just limited to the formal but is a process of choosing the right dress, getting ready, having photos taken and of course, the night itself.

For a school formal, just like any other special event in life, it is important to have a budget. Think about how much you are willing to spend on the night and factor in what you need to buy. A dress or suit, transport to the venue, shoes, make up, hair, fake tan – the list goes on. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the typical formal budget can be $1000. That does not have to be your personal budget, look at hiring a dress or using shoes you own. Consider what you would like to invest in on the night – a designer dress or a facial before hand? A key part of preparations, particularly for girls, is hair and make up.

Make up dominates social media with tutorials on Instagram and YouTube showing how to achieve looks for all occasions. However, in these cases, it is best left to a professional! Your hair and make up lets your personality, style and best features shine through. For a special event such as a school formal, the photos and memories will last a lifetime. Choosing a professional make up artist and hair stylist allows you to control your look while also deferring to their expertise.

The Process:

  1. Book in your hair and make up appointment, ideally 2 hours before you need to leave.
  2. Consult with Olga on your dress, your personal style and what you would like to achieve.
  3. Relax knowing you have pre-booked and what your look is going to be!

Do you have an upcoming school formal? Email Olga at to consult about your look or book an appointment.